It all started while on a trip with some friends. We grew up playing a lot of volleyball, so we were looking for a net and court where we could get a good game in. There were no nets around, but there was something else — a wooden bridge going across a pool we had access to. We ended up playing a game where instead of hitting the ball over the net, we hit the ball against the bridge to the other team. We had a surprisingly awesome time doing this, and once we got back to Toronto, we realized we wanted to continue playing this version of volleyball. Luckily, we had access to an old squash court, which is really where the magic happened. Playing 2 vs 2, we played around with makeshift boards, and experimented with different rules and ideas. Over time, we also tested various playing surfaces, and developed board designs that were portable so that people could play anytime, anywhere. We soon realized that this new sport, which we named Boardball, was a great way to stay engaged with the sport of volleyball wherever, whenever.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the sport you can play anytime, anywhere.

Our mission is to make the game of volleyball more accessible, while maintaining that same level of fun and competitiveness for the sport you love.

Our Values

1. We're passionate about living a social and active lifestyle.

2. We strive to be accessible - a board and a ball. That’s it.

3. We hope to connect people through a sport they love.

4. We believe that good sportsmanship is the standard.

5.  We will deliver an engaging, competitive and community driven experience.

6. And last but definitely not least, we hope you have fun!

Behind The Board

We're a sports startup built by competitive and recreational volleyballers. We may not be pro athletes, but we sure do love a good competition.

Amanda Nguyen founder of boardball

Amanda Nguyen

David Borish co-founder of boardball

David Borish

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David Wheeler

Meet Our Pro's

Our pro players take Boardball to a whole other level. Catch them in action at one of our events!

Melissa Humana-Parades canadian beach volleyball player and world champion 2019. Boardball ambassador


Canadian Beach Volleyball Player, World Champion 2019

Steven Marshall team canada volleyball player and 2016 Rio Olympian. Boardball Ambassador


Team Canada Volleyball Player, 2016 Rio Olympics