Where can I buy a board?

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What's the difference between Boardball and roundnet?​

We get asked this all the time, and yes the two games are very similar.  The main difference is the equipment used and the way you interact with the ball. You may move around the board like roundnet, but your actual interactions with the ball is most similar to volleyball. Boardball leverages the same techniques as volleyball, focusing more on setting and bumping rather than tips and touches. When you play indoor Boardball, you're also challenged with playing "off the walls".


Where can I play Boardball?

Boardball can be played indoors or outdoors. The indoor play typically takes place in a squash court. We have a drop in community that is open for players to join and play with other boardballers - simply send us a message and we'll provide the details. Otherwise, enjoy boardball in any gymnasium, court, or outdoor space you can get access to.


Is there an out of bounds?​

For official games, the court is set at 60 ft x 60 ft, with the board in the middle. However, the beauty of boardball is that there is no standardization of court size or playing area for recreational games. You can set the guidelines and boundaries based on your environment or skill level.