Where can I buy a board?

​Order on boardballsport.com

What's the difference between Boardball and roundnet?​​

The two games are similar, as we were definitely inspired by roundnet (great sport!). The main difference is the equipment used and the way you interact with the ball. You move around the board like roundnet, but by using a regular-size volleyball, Boardball allows you to focus more on volleyball techniques like bumping, setting, and spiking. We think of it like comparing tennis and badminton, which both use rackets and nets, but are completely different games because of the way you interact with the ball/birdie. The same idea holds for Boardball. Plus, when you play indoor Boardball, you're also challenged with playing "off the walls".

Where can I play Boardball?

Boardball can be played anywhere! Whether it is outside on the beach, at the park, on a field, or in your backyard we specifically designed our boards to be played in any environment. Boardball is also a great indoor game that can be played at a gym, on a court, or an indoor turf. Our boards are also foldable, portable, and easy to set up so you can go back and forth between any and all of these locations.  

Who can play Boardball?

Anyone! Boardball is great for competitive volleyball players, but also for recreational players, youth, and others who are looking to enhance their bump, set, and spiking skills - or just looking to have a good time. 

Is there an out of bounds?​

For official games, the court is set at 40 ft x 40 ft, with the board in the middle. However, the beauty of boardball is that there is no standardization of court size or playing area for recreational games. You can set the guidelines and boundaries based on your environment or skill level.